Thursday Self Help Group

Social 26th June Endcliffe Park.

All members past or present, or even prospective members welcome. Book here

Just a social with a picnic, a sit down a chat, whatever anyone else wants and perhaps a short walk in Endcliffe Park. This event is ticketed solely because there is a limit to 30 people outdoors as this is the limit until at least 19th July.

Bookable face to face sessions 10am-12pm every Thursday throughout June 2021. 18+ only.

Book here to attend the session in a browser (also opens eventbrite app). By booking you are agreeing to

  • do a referral form as soon as possible, preferably before the session which you can do by downloading a referral form here and e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • wear a face covering and inform us in advance if you cannot wear one and show the venue exemption status.
  • do your best to stick to rules imposed by the venue such as 2m distancing. 
  • cancel your booking if you cannot attend so the place can be used by someone else

See how to use eventbrite at the bottom of the page.

Bookings you are not attending can be cancelled see


These meetings are face to face in the city centre at Quaker Meeting House. The rooms are well ventilated, if you come to a session it is advised to wear extra clothing or bring a blanket. We need the cooperation of all members to make it as safe as possible so sessions never stop again. These have run for several weeks already.

All chairs will be 2 metres apart. If you cannot wear a face covering please inform us in advance. It is strongly advised to wear face coverings - we believe this and ventilation reduce aerosol transmission by about 70% allowing us to run sessions. The venue will ask for evidence of exemption on entry. 

Please be respectful of other members and of volunteers, they are volunteers and they do not make the 'rules' that is imposed by the venue and mostly as a result of government laws.

Tea and coffee are £1 to be paid in cash to the venue if you would like one during the break.


Meeting Topic Capacity Member bookable slots
Thursday 29th April Anxiety over the last year 6 members 3 members attended
Thursday 6th May Health Anxiety 6 members 4 members attended
Thursday 13th May Mindfulness 8 members 3 members attended
Thursday 20th May Thinking styles 8 members

7 members attended

Thursday 27th May Managing things out of our control 8 members 3 members attended
Thursday 3rd June Sleep hygiene 8 members 4 members attended
Thursday 10th June To be confirmed... 8 members Bookable by clicking here
Thursday 17th June To be confirmed... 8 members Bookable by clicking here


" I just wanted to say that yesterday's face to face meeting was fabulous. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and helpful, as was the input from my peers.

Yesterday's focus was perfect for me and it helped me immensely. I can not thank you enough. I look forward to all future sessions." new member.


Some of our members will not yet have been vaccinated. 

The NHS app from 17th May will allow users who've had both vaccinations to show covid status. Members are free to use the app to show to other members or volunteers they have been vaccinated if they wish.


Follow the link No Panic sends you to eventbrite which will look like something like the first picture, click on select a date to be offered a choice of dates:


Screenshot 20210530 201008 Samsung Internet1            Screenshot 20210530 201025 Samsung Internet1

Register, fill in your details and it will tell you other details such as how many tickets are left:

Screenshot 20210530 201039 Samsung Internet1

Complete all this and you will be sent a ticket. Please note that tickets can take 2-30 minutes to arrive. Eventbrite will confirm it has gone through before the tickets arrive so it's nothing to worry about. Do not e-mail No Panic or ring us up if your tickets don't arrive immediately. We are all volunteers. If there is a problem after this, we will sort it.