10th Anniversary Celebration and AGM 23rd May 2019

AGM Invitation 2019


The No Panic Sheffield AGM was held on Thursday 24th May.

We would like to thank all our volunteers and members who attended.

It was a great meeting and we discussed all our work over the past year and our plans for the coming year.

New trustees Matt, Laura, Karen and Lorien were appointed.  Anne, Rob, Brendan and Richard were reappointed.

We said thank you and goodbye to Gerry who has stepped down from the committee after many years of volunteering.


Self Help Meeting Dates

On-line meetings have now resumed on Zoom in January 2021.

Our online meetings are via zoom

We are also still looking into starting face to face meetings again for the Thurdsay 10am group (written January 2021 but no have no further information).

More information can be found below about how our meetings run via Zoom during the Covid-19 situation.

No Panic Sheffield is still here - on-line sessions every Weds.

The platform is on or use the app on phone

It is simple and can be used in a web browser, follow the link you've been sent, a file will download and you will enter the room.

  • no sign up required
  • video/audio/text on/off
  • white board
  • share slides
  • chatbox
  • audience participation with thumbs up, raised hand, yes, no, go slower.   

For more details of what zoom looks like see our blog.

Want to come to a session? Get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No waiting list

Run by people with anxiety 

Attend as many or few as you want

No time limits - we've been here ten years

Group members are welcome to attend either our Thursday or our Wednesday group.  Our groups are held at the following times:-

Every Thursday 10am - 12noon (usually room 2, upstairs)

Every Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm (usually room 4, downstairs)

The PTSD group six month trial from Spring 2020 has been delayed and is still not running, this group is closed and a specific PTSD referral form and brief telephone conversation will need to take place before attending.

Socials during covid-19 have regretably been cancelled, but the idea is for members will run every 2 months, or more often if can be arranged.

What are groups like?

The purpose of the groups is to share experiences of anxiety, learn together, a social aspect, normalise anxiety/depression/low mood and to share coping strategies. The group size is 5-12 members usually. 


We talk about a very large list of topics (around 100 have been covered over the years). This includes individual conditions like social anxiety and depression, but also coping strategies, sleep. travel, the workplace, families, self esteem and anger. The list is not exhaustive, we really have done scores of topics. We welcome suggestions from regular members, but choose topics for the benefit of the group. We do not offer bespoke tailored sessions or therapy.

Topics covered in December 2020:

Meeting Topic
Wednesday 2nd December Attachment and mental health
Wednesday 9th December Christmas/holiday anxiety
Wednesday 16th December Grief & loss
Wednesday 23rd December  Covid Christmas

Topics covered in January 2021:

Meeting Topic
Wednesday 6th January Health Anxiety
Wednesday 13th January Fatigue
Wednesday 20st January Memory difficulties
Wednesday 27th January To be confirmed


We use padlet which is anonymous to collect ideas and topic suggestions for both Weds & Thursdays

A PTSD group was scheduled to start in 2020 which will be closed and will meet once a month for 6 Months, but has been delayed and we have no date for it yet.


Wednesday group has a quick introduction, a topic for the first hour, a break of about 15 mins and 45 mins of 'how was your week?' which is yourr time to talk about how you are getting on or things coming up

Thursday group has a quick introduction, a "how was your week?" that lasts for 10 minutes, a topic for 45 mins,  a break of 20 minutes and the remainer of the session is a subtopic, or coping strategies or other things members choose such as arts and crafts (where possible) and mindfulness.


Face to face meetings take place at the Quaker Meeting House 10 St James' Street Sheffield, S1 2EW We rent rooms at Quaker Meeting House a peaceful city centre location   If you are attending from outside of Sheffield and not sure how to find us please get in touch. It is a 10-minute walk from the bus/railway station close to the Cathedral tramstop. We are not affiliated with QMH or any other organisations, religious or otherwise such as the NHS or IAPT, other than the national No Panic organisation. Photos below are provided courtesy of Quaker Meeting House.


Room 2 above, which is where the Thursday morning groups are usually held.


Room 4, above, is where the Wednesday night sessions are usually held.

What we can't talk about in detail or do topics about

Anxiety, depression and low mood are extremely broad topics, our groups are open and we want people to share in a safe environment.  This also means that others are quite likely to find some material triggering or distressing. We ask people not to discuss specific details of child abuse, sexual abuse, suicide, and self-harm as other members or even volunteers may find this quite distressing. A one to one conversation with a facilitator (if they consent) may be appropriate for a small amount of discussion, but these issues should be discussed with a suitably trained therapist or specialist service. You can still come to the group in addition to any specialist therapy you may be having.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone attend No Panic Sheffield Groups?

Yes anyone over the age of 18 who has anxiety/depression/low mood. You don't need to be referred by a GP or other professional. Just get in touch with us by email and we will arrange for you to come to a group. Members travel from Chesterfield, Dronfield and Rotherham too.

Can I bring a friend or support worker?

Yes, you can bring a friend, family member or support worker to our group. They can stay for  part of all of the group.

Are there any things you cannot deal with in the group?

We are not a specialist service, so we cannot really deal with some of the more challenging areas that members may want to talk about such as trauma of a very graphic nature, rape, child abuse, self harm and suicide. Members are welcome to come to group, but we ask that people be mindful of what they share on these topics as it could be upsetting to other members or volunteers.

Is information I share at group kept confidential?

All group members are asked to respect the confidentiality of the other members and not to discuss the issues raised at the group with anyone outside the group. We do not have any links to other organisations such as the council, NHS or DWP.

Is there a charge for No Panic Sheffield Groups?

No – we do not charge for our groups but we do ask for a small donation of £3 to help cover our room hire, and 50p per tea/coffee for refreshment costs. The actual cost per person per session is about £7 per person per group and this is subsidised by small grants given by outside organisations. 

How can attending a group help me?

Our facilitators are trained in the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, and help members to develop a positive outlook towards coping with anxiety. Group members also share experiences and helpful ways they have developed to cope with their anxiety.

How many sessions should I attend?

There is no set number of sessions you need to attend. Many members have been attending our group for years and prefer to come along regularly to keep their anxiety under control, others come as and when they need support. We welcome members to attend as often as they need, there is no end limit on attending sessions and you can come as often as you need.

How many people attend groups each week?

Our groups are attended by a diverse range of people of all ages and backgrounds. We offer support to everyone who needs help with anxiety. The number of people at each meeting varies considerably from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15 people.  You need to be over 18 to attend our groups.  We ask that you are ready to participate in a group environment.  The group may not be appropriate for everyone, some people will need help on a one to one basis from a health professional and should contact IAPT if this is your preferred approach.

What if there is not a group at a convenient time and location for me?

We only offer groups in Sheffield city centre as this is a central location and we don't have the resources to hold groups elsewhere. There are a number of telephone support groups available run by organisations such as Anxiety UK 08444 775 774, Mind , No Panic 0844 967 4848

What age ranges attend the group?

We have members from 18 to their 80s. Whilst it is natural for some people to feel more comfortable with people their own age range, both groups are mixed and there are advantages to this.

What specific conditions do people have who attend your groups?

Everything. We have had the nine most common conditions as listed on Mind's website, plus many others such as bipolar disorder, hoarding disorder, trichotillomania and schizophrenia over the years. We do not offer bespoke therapy, however we get asked about conditions a lot, there are enormous overlaps between conditions in symptoms, which may be difficult to see as a new member. Groups are open so who comes every week varies. Please do not be disappointed if you don't meet someone else with your condition. A member may also not wish to disclose it to someone else.




If you would like further information, are concerned whether it might be the right group for you or have particular needs/triggers we need to know about please contact us by email. Quaker Meeting House has several rooms on three floors, there is a board at reception displaying which room we are in for each meeting.