Anxiety at Christmas

Christmas is often described as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. However for many of us it is filled with anxiety and depression. Here are some tips to help get you through the festive season.

1.     Indulging: it can be very tempting at Christmas to treat ourselves. However it is important to remember the effect some foods have on our moods. For example too much caffeine and sugar can have negative impacts on our emotions.
2.     Alcohol: alcohol can have negative effects on our emotions. So it is important to know your limits and to drink responsibly.
3.     Keeping active: you may not feel like going outside much over the cold winter months. However fresh air and exercise can aid in improving our moods and can help gain a clear head.
4.     Distracted: if things feel like they are getting too much keep distracted perhaps with relaxation techniques or breathing exercises.
5.     Move at your own pace: don’t feel pressured to adhere to the rush and excitement of Christmas. Our reality of Christmas isn’t what we see on TV and social media and that is ok!
6.     Time for yourself: make sure to take time to do what makes you happy and calm. Such as watching your favourite film, read a book or listen to music.
7.     Support: know where you can turn if you need support. That can be friends and family or helplines.