Meet the team


No Panic Sheffield is run entirely by volunteers.

We have a management committee of 9 trustees which meets every 8 weeks to ensure that the charity runs smoothly. We have 26 facilitators.






Anne is an experienced charity administator having worked with Citizen's Advice Mental Health Unit in Sheffield, Sheffield Alcohol Support Service, and Alzheimer's Society - the UK's leading Dementia Support Charity.Anne has volunteered for No Panic Sheffield since 2011 having started as a volunteer administrator, and has been Chair for 4 year.   Anne chairs the regular trustee meetings and is responsible for volunteer recruitment and retention, awareness raising,  funding bid writing and grant applications, and ensuring that the organisation is financially healthy and runs smoothly.  Interesting fact - Anne sings in an acapella choir




Paul  – Secretary - Paul was a member, facilitator, Group Coordinator and is now a trustee. He is also involved in recruitment and training currently as a trustee. See below for more about Paul.


    Rob  – Treasurer - Rob is a qualified Chartered Accountant and works as a management consultant.  Rob ensures all our financial records, Charity Commission returns, Insurance and other statutory and governance items are up to date.  He ensures we are financially sound and operating responsibly.  Interesting fact - Rob runs marathons and often does this to raise funds for No Panic Sheffield


    Brendan - Mentor/Trainer - Brendan is a qualified psychologist, although not now working in the profession.  He was one of the first group facilitators for No Panic Sheffield and provides invaluable advice and mentoring for our facilitators.  He occasionally facilitates groups.  Interesting fact - Brendan runs a company that provides students with rented accommodation.


    Richard  - Support/Supervision - Richard works for the NHS mental health service provider IAPT in Sheffield and has a wealth of experience of working with people who have anxiety.  He also provides advice and mentoring for all our facilitators.  Interesting fact - Richard has a lovely spaniel dog.

Lorien E

    Lorien was facilitator from 2013-2018 and is now a mentor and trustee. She is involved in the teams dealing with recruitment and mentoring as a trustee. See below for more about Lorien.


    Karen has been a facilitator since 2015 and is a mentor and trustee. She is involved in the teams dealing with evaluation and mentoring as a trustee. See below for more about Karen.
    Matt was a facilitator 2015-2016 and has returned as a trustee. He is involved in the teams dealing with training, awareness raising and mentoring as a trustee.



Laura started as a facilitator in July 2017 and as trustee is involved with evaluation and awareness raising. See below for more information about Laura.

Volunteer Group Lead Facilitators

Sarah (Weds Group 1), Laura (Weds Group 2) and Kate (Thursdays)

Volunteer Group Facilitators

Sarah, Paul, Megan, Steph, Beth, LauraKaren, Alastair, Ryan and Kurt - Wednesday

Kate, Paul, Charlie, MelGeorgiaHolly, Haleema, Mick and Sara - Thursday  

New facilitators Alice, Andrea, Ben, Chloe, Eleanor, Emily, Joe and Sam


Karen, Ryan, Lorien, Charlie, Sarah and Mel

Volunteer Co-ordinator


Group Evaluation Volunteers

Lorien & Karen

Awareness Raising Volunteers

Alice, Andrea, Jess and Jess

Get to know our volunteers

PaulPaul (Jul 2016 - present)

Paul was a No Panic Sheffield group member before becoming a facilitator. He had CFS and agoraphobia in the past, general anxiety more recently. He works in healthcare and cares for a parent with epilepsy. Paul facilitates because others in No Panic Sheffieldin the past such as Lorien and Brendan have done the same for him. Interesting fact - Paul believes philosophy is an important part of mental health, practices meditation, cycles and walks.

Karen Karen (Sep 2015 - present)

Karen has been volunteering with No Panic Sheffield since October 2015, following attending group sessions as a member earlier that year. A fully qualified accountant for her day job, volunteering for No Panic Sheffield provides her with an opportunity to help others in the community whilst learning coping strategies for anxiety and stress. As well as having completed a foundation course in Counselling and Psychotherapy as an evening course, Karen has first hand experience of anxiety disorders amongst her family and finds learning about anxiety for group sessions extremely rewarding. Karen is also inspired by members' own experiences and helping new volunteers become confident and inspirational group facilitators, encouraging them to develop their own styles and bring new ideas. Interesting fac - Karen travelled around South America for 5 months in 2014 undertaking voluntary work in the favelas in Rio, and dancing Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires.

KurtKurt (Oct 2017 - present)

Kurt was a Psychology student here in Sheffield and is originally from a small village in Doncaster. When he's not volunteering with No Panic Sheffield, you’ll usually find him hard at work as an Assistant Psychologist or enjoying a coffee with friends. As someone who has always struggled with anxiety he volunteers with No Panic Sheffield because it is a great opportunity to support others who may be having similar experiences. He also really liked that No Panic Sheffield was a local charity that worked directly with people in his local community.   He enjoys providing support to a cause that he is truly passionate about. Interesting fact - earlier this year he became an Uncle!

SarahSarah (Dec 2016 - present)

Sarah has been volunteering for No Panic Sheffield for nearly two years. Originally from Birmingham, I moved to Sheffield 6 years ago to study Psychology at Undergraduate and Masters level. She is mostly interested in how mental health affects different people, and has done projects on how different people are affected by the internet, and how different people react to weight gain. She was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder in 2015, and embarked on lots of research, self-help books, and online articles about how to cope with this new, complicated way of life. At the same time she has always been interested in mental health and have dreams of becoming a Psychologist one day. That, and her odd love of public speaking meant that facilitating at No Panic Sheffield was a no-brainer - she is still so glad to have been taken on. For her, volunteering is not only work experience, it's a commitment to your co-volunteers and your group members. It's about learning something new about someone every session, and learning about yourself. Interesting fact - she has have a really good long term memory and  can quote most of her favourite films and TV programmes off by heart. Can't remember what she had for lunch earlier though! She also enjoys reality TV, eating sweets and hugging cats.


AlastairAlastair (Oct 2017 - present)

Alastair is a Sheffield local and helps facilitate Wednesday evening groups. Outside No Panic, he works in events, principally freelance for film festivals and currently at the Sheffield Arena.  He first came to No Panic Sheffield as a regular group member, looking to improve his own anxiety problems. With the knowledge and support he received, he became more confident and outgoing, which had a positive impact on his personal relationships and career prospects. Volunteering for No Panic Sheffield is his way of giving back to an organisation which has helped him so significantly, as well as supporting those experiencing similar issues to his own. For Alastair, volunteering is a way to help others using his own knowledge and experience. Having personally been through periods of depression and anxiety, he believes he has a solid understanding of the issues which our group members encounter on a daily basis. Moreover, he hopes that by discussing these issues openly and frankly, we can, in some way, improve societal understanding and combat mental health stigma. Interesting fact - outside of work and volunteering you will most likely find him watching independent cinema at The Showroom, or attending heavy metal rock concerts. He also enjoys skiing, hiking and travelling.




Lorien E Lorien (Facilitator Nov 2013-Jul 2018; Mentor Feb 2018- present; Trustee May 2018- present)

Lorien has been a volunteer facilitator at No Panic Sheffield for the past five years. Born in Sheffield she thoroughly enjoys living in this great city. Lorien graduated in Psychology and has worked in various roles in Mental Health all her life. She currently works as a Specialist Skills Pathway Facilitator for a charity where she supports those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related mental health conditions, progress towards finding work, which she really enjoys. She began volunteering for No Panic Sheffield as she felt, after IAPT intervention, there was little available in the local area for people with anxiety, low mood and OCD to access. No Panic Sheffield has the same ethos as her own and she wanted to be part of that and to help members progress towards taking control of their lives again. Also, she has a family who are affected by these issues and she thought her personal experience was something she could offer. Having been at No Panic Sheffield for several years now, volunteering means a great deal to her. She has enjoyed meeting new people, seeing members grow in confidence over time and learn new coping skills. She has also had the opportunity to learn new ways in managing anxiety, which she can share with the group. Interesting fact - she enjoys travelling, walking her Cavalier King Charles and spending time with her daughter, Freya.

Mel Mel (Dec 2016-present)

Mel grew up in Sheffield and has a background in psychology.  She has always had a particular interest in mental health and is in her final year of a PhD at the University of Sheffield researching when and why people do not respond to psychotherapy treatments for depression.  She enjoys helping people and wanted to get into volunteering to gain a broader perspective of peoples first hand experiences of dealing with mental health problems to compliment her academic work. She was attracted to the inclusive and supportive environment of the No Panic groups and instantly saw how much members benefitted from attending and how rewarding volunteers found facilitating. She has been volunteering as a group facilitator since December 2016 and finds it an extremely rewarding experience which has helped her develop lots of new skills. She enjoys meeting interesting people from a range of backgrounds and finds it inspiring to see how everyone supports and encourages each other. Every week is different and although she's a facilitator she always learns something new to take away from every session.  Interesting fact - Mel is an avid Sheffield Wednesday fan and has had a season ticket at Hillsborough since she was 5 years old.


LauraLaura (July 2017-present)

Laura is currently studying a masters in psychology at Sheffield Hallam University whilst working as a mental health advocate.  She was first attracted to No PanicSheffield because she wanted to share skills and techniques and values the importance of learning from the experiences of others.  Laura loves that No Panic Sheffield is such a caring and supportive environment. Interesting facts - Laura  has an allotment where she grows fruit and vegetables and she enjoys silversmithing and spending time with her friends.


StephSteph (Oct 2017-present)

Steph studied BSc Psychology at The University of Sheffield and graduated in June 2017.  She currently works as a Learning Mentor for children with educational, physical and behavioural needs in a secondary school in Derbyshire. Her long term goal is to become an Educational Child Psychologist specialising in challenging behaviours.  The main thing that attracted Steph to volunteering for No Panic Sheffield is being able to help those with anxiety and be someone who is there to listen.  She has experienced both depression and anxiety herself and has a number of friends with anxiety too. She therefore knows how valuable having a support system like No Panic Sheffield is and feels as though she has a shared understanding of how members may be feeling.  Volunteering at No Panic Sheffield is something she is hugely passionate about. She feels she is able to learn so much each week by talking to both the members and the facilitators.   It is a joy to be part of No Panic Sheffield.  Interesting fact - she was part of Sheffield University Athletics team and competed in the BUCS cross country event.

hollythumbHolly (May 2018-present)

Holly studied Psychology at the University of Sheffield. During her time at university she learnt about mental health problems and was inspired to pursue a career in mental health. In the future she hopes to become a cognitive behavioural therapist. She loves spending time with animals, especially her aunty's golden retriever Sunny. She has learnt a lot from being a facilitator and has gained an understanding of the challenges that group members face in their daily lives. She feels lucky to have found No Panic Sheffield and enjoys facilitating because she finds it rewarding and inspiring. At No Panic Sheffield, she enjoys meeting new people and listening to their personal experiences. Interesting fact - at university, she was part of the hitchhiking society and hitchhiked from Sheffield to Latvia in 9 days, raising money for charity.

 haleemathumbHaleema (May 2018-present)

Haleema has recently completed her Psychology degree at Sheffield Hallam University. Her future career aspirations involve working in a mental health setting as a Psychological Well-being Practitioner. Volunteering at No Panic has allowed her to gain valuable experience in this field as well as being able to implement the key skills and knowledge she has developed on her degree. She feels great satisfaction in helping others and enjoys being able to positively contribute towards an individual’s life. She feels very strongly towards mental health as it is often ignored since it cannot physically be seen, and many individuals are blamed for their disorder as opposed to those who have a physical problem which is usually visible. She wishes to help and support people and to provide a safe environment in which they can be helped. Since volunteering at No Panic, she had learnt more about anxiety related disorders after interacting and getting to know the members.  Interesting fact – she has worked on a research project in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police.

Kate was a Psychology student here in Sheffield and is originally from a small village just outside of Sheffield. Kate juggles a part time Support Worker job, with a part time Assistant Psychologist job. She is interested in mental health and her future career goal is to become a Clinical Psychologist. 
Kate was drawn to volunteering with No Panic as it was clear how much value members derived from the group meetings, and she wanted to contribute to that. Kate enjoys meeting new interesting people from a range of backgrounds and hopes to continue supporting No Panic and its members. 
Interesting fact - Kate can play the flute and piano, and has played in orchestras for charity. 




 Megan (Awareness Raising & Facilitator)

Megan recently graduated from Sheffield University, studying Psychology. She is currently doing various voluntary work, including for No Panic Sheffield, to gain experience within the area of Psychology. She is interested in pursuing a career working closely with others in the mental health field. Therefore No Panic is a great way to learn how this works as well as learning how charities run. She has dealt with anxiety and depression first hand, therefore feels she has a good understanding of the struggles our members are going through. This enables her to be more empathetic and hopefully helpful for their recovery.  Volunteering allows her to gain valuable experience in fields she am interested in, as well as being able to make a real difference to those in need.   Interesting fact - her hobbies include playing the saxophone and travelling. Her favourite animals are lions and she was lucky enough to volunteer with lions in South Africa.


Gerry was Secretary at No Panic Sheffield for five years and has been a group member since No Panic Sheffield first started.  Gerry kept records of our meetings, was responsible for raising funds for No Panic Sheffield and spoke regularly at the IAPT stress control classes to raise awareness of No Panic Sheffield.


Rachel is currently a student reading for a Masters’ degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She is interested in how psychological concepts can be used to improve wellbeing and lifestyle, both enhancing the good and challenging the bad in life. She was attracted to volunteering at No Panic Sheffield because it is a small group that goes above and beyond for the community of Sheffield. Run by people who care, for people who care about getting better, together and she thinks this ethos goes half the way to making some really positive changes for all involved in the charity. Volunteering, to her is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as well as our community. Our time is all we can really give other people and No Panic has given her a wonderful place and group of people to invest time in and get so much more from than simply volunteering.  Interesting fact - Sport plays a really big part in her life and she thinks exercise is crucial to health and wellbeing


Charlotte recently graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Psychology degree and her aspiration is to pursue a career in mental health.  Throughout her degree, she has developed her knowledge and a deep appreciation of mental health conditions from a psychological perspective. Therefore, she was extremely keen to volunteer with No Panic Sheffield when the opportunity arose.  No Panic Sheffield provides exceptional tailored care for a diverse range of issues and she is honoured to be part of such an inspirational team! Volunteering provides an opportunity to help others and make a difference to people’s lives, whilst consolidating her own knowledge.  She isvery much looking forward to meeting No Panic Sheffield members in the upcoming months and building her experience. Interesting fact - she is keen to maintain my physical and mental health and regularly enjoys weight training and exercise. This helps her sustain focus generally and achieve the personal goals she has set for herself.

ChloeChloé (Jul 2016- Sep 2018)

Chloé has been volunteering for No Panic Sheffield since the summer of 2016. She was group lead for Wednesday group.  She joined No Panic Sheffield as a volunteer after completing a degree in Education Studies with Psychology and Counselling at SHU. She was attracted to No Panic Sheffield as our mission to help those that need it indefinitely (with no limitations to the number of sessions, no waiting list, and no diagnosis required) resonated so strongly with her own beliefs. She finds volunteering very rewarding, as she often learns far more from members’ personal experiences than she could possibly have learned at university. Intersting fact - in her spare time Chloe likes to relax at home with her family and her flock of backyard hens.


FelicityFelicity (Oct 2017-Dec 2018)

Most people call her Flic, has been volunteering with No Panic Sheffield since around October 2017 and has been enjoying getting involved. She has recently graduated from the University of Sheffield in Psychology. She was attracted to No Panic Sheffield as their goal is to help those in need (without having to wait or have a diagnosis!) Also, her future career goal is to become a CBT therapist and she finds volunteering very rewarding with No Panic Sheffield. She plans to continue studying towards this goal after her year out. Interesting fact - she took part in a mental health placement in Sri Lanka this summer and feels this has given her a great insight into anxiety and depression, skills  which she feels she can use to help others.

DanDan (July 2017- Dec 2018)

Originally from Ipswich (South-East, UK) but has studied in Lincoln and Sheffield.  Dan is just about to graduate in Psychology and hoping to complete a Post-Grad Diploma as a Psychological Well-being Practitioner (PWP).

He has had counselling for anxiety and depression, which he has had for around 4 years now. It was this experience, but also the help he received from talking about his issues, that led him to want to help others.  He trained as a Crisis Counsellor with the ACC and has since studied counselling and psychotherapy at University. From this, he learnt of the benefits of CBT and wanted to put this into practice in a group format.

Interesting fact - When not working as a English and Maths tutor, he loves spending time with his 15 month old son, Jude and playing Futsal for Sheffield F.C.