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Turkey review of 2019 and thought detox

Hi All from Sam. So for our first Thursday session back on 9th January for 2020 I looked at the past & present.


Firstly we took part in the turkey review where members discussed various points from 2019,

    Anything we felt we achieved

    What happened that was completely unexpected?

    Was there anything that we were unable to achieve & why?

    Did we make any new friends/relationships?

    What new things did we try?

    What did we learn from & about ourselves in 2019?

I think it can be nice hearing off other people what you have done, it can be really difficult talking with your friends or family about these things and we are so harsh on ourselves. I thought the discussion was really supportive and it's great hearing what new things members tried in 2019. Remember to try and be self kind to yourself. It's difficult. I don't really get on well with New Year's Resolutions, but I think this is a really good way of going over things.

For the second half we concentrated on thoughts a detox, this helped us look towards the coming year with a positive outlook discussing things such as

    Anything in particular we would  like to try to achieve either partly or fully

    Making sure we give ourselves time to get outside

    Letting go of anything negative from 2019, it's in the past let's look at moving forward

    Spending more time on ourselves whether that's hobbies, meditation, time out, visiting our favourite/happy places

    Saying no & keeping things in perspective

Members came up with various tips, ideas & exercises for each other to help 2020 get off to a positive & fun beginning. I liked the bit about saying no and keeping things in perspective, again so valuable in a group setting where you can get that perspective. I'm sure we'll revisit saying no and not taking on too much or particular roles, particularly doing too much for other people.

Sam's top tips for 2020:-

    Be Kind to yourself

   Allow yourself time out

   Do at least one thing every day you enjoy

I'll see you on the next one. We're doing Patience on Thursday 16th January.