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19th March. No Panic Sheffield is still here

Our sessions continue on-line. We want you to know that No Panic Sheffield is still here.

Unfortunately we have put out updates on the website and e-mailed members but this message doesn't seem to be getting through. A lot of people have had our e-mails go into spam boxes and we expect this is the case for many people. Members have also not been checking the website. We are updating our website and continue to do so. 

Quaker Meeting House is closed till at least Easter. We are using Zoom for on-line sessions at the same times.

This is a piece of video conferencing software. It works on a browser of app on mobile phone. 


Above is what it looks like on a browser when you copy a link to join a room. A file will download and run and then the room will open, like below.


This is what it looks like in the room on a desktop through the browser. 

There is video, audio, a chatbox and the session can load slides.


No sign up required

Follow a link

Opens in a browser or phone

Video/audio/text whatever you're happy with

Sit and listen