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100% volunteers. 8 trustees. 12 facilitators. Combined 20 years for the 12 facilitators, all facilitators except three starting in November 2019, have done at least a year.

Volunteer Group Lead Facilitators -Anna and Britt (Wednesdays) and Sam and Aaliyah (Thursdays)

Volunteer Group Facilitators Recruiting deadine 26th October

Britt, Paul, Sarah, Lorien, Alastair, Megan, Sara, Phoebe, Anna and Natasha- Wednesday

Sam and Aaliyah- Thursday  

Volunteer Co-ordinator - Alastair       Awareness Raising Volunteers - Chloé

Website Volunteer - Zoe      Media and Marketing Volunteer - Recruiting

Get to know our volunteers


Sarah (Dec 2016 - present, facilitator; May 2019-present, trustee)

Sarah has been volunteering for No Panic Sheffield for three years. Originally from Birmingham, I moved to Sheffield 7 years ago to study Psychology at Undergraduate and Masters level. She is mostly interested in how mental health affects different people, and has done projects on how different people are affected by the internet, and how different people react to weight gain. She was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder in 2015, and embarked on lots of research, self-help books, and online articles about how to cope with this new, complicated way of life. At the same time she has always been interested in mental health and have dreams of becoming a Psychologist one day. That, and her odd love of public speaking meant that facilitating at No Panic Sheffield was a no-brainer - she is still so glad to have been taken on. For her, volunteering is not only work experience, it's a commitment to your co-volunteers and your group members. It's about learning something new about someone every session, and learning about yourself. Interesting fact - she has have a really good long term memory and  can quote most of her favourite films and TV programmes off by heart. Can't remember what she had for lunch earlier though! She also enjoys reality TV, eating sweets and hugging cats.

PaulPaul (Jul 2016 - present)

Paul was a No Panic Sheffield group member before becoming a facilitator. He had CFS in the past and has agoraphonia and general anxiety more recently. He cares for a parent with epilepsy. Paul facilitates because others in No Panic Sheffield in the past such as Lorien and Brendan have done the same for him. Interesting fact - Paul believes philosophy is an important part of mental health, practices meditation, cycles and walks.



Alastair (Oct 2017 - present)

Alastair is a Sheffield local and helps facilitate Wednesday evening groups. Outside No Panic, he works in events, principally freelance for film festivals and currently at the Sheffield Arena.  He first came to No Panic Sheffield as a regular group member, looking to improve his own anxiety problems. With the knowledge and support he received, he became more confident and outgoing, which had a positive impact on his personal relationships and career prospects. Volunteering for No Panic Sheffield is his way of giving back to an organisation which has helped him so significantly, as well as supporting those experiencing similar issues to his own. For Alastair, volunteering is a way to help others using his own knowledge and experience. Having personally been through periods of depression and anxiety, he believes he has a solid understanding of the issues which our group members encounter on a daily basis. Moreover, he hopes that by discussing these issues openly and frankly, we can, in some way, improve societal understanding and combat mental health stigma. Interesting fact - outside of work and volunteering you will most likely find him watching independent cinema at The Showroom, or attending heavy metal rock concerts. He also enjoys skiing, hiking and travelling.




  Sara (September 2018-present)

Sara has been volunteering with No Panic Sheffield since September 2018. Born in Dubai, she moved to Sheffield and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She was drawn to No Panic Sheffield as it provides locals a safe space to talk about their mental health. Volunteering at No Panic Sheffield has not only provided her to connect with the greater Sheffield community, but it has also fostered the development of her skills and knowledge in the field of clinical psychology.


Lorien E Lorien (Facilitator Nov 2013-Jul 2018, March 2020-present; Mentor Feb 2018- present; Trustee May 2018- present)

Lorien has been a volunteer facilitator at No Panic Sheffield for the past seven years. Born in Sheffield she thoroughly enjoys living in this great city. Lorien graduated in Psychology and has worked in various roles in Mental Health all her life. She currently works as a Specialist Skills Pathway Facilitator for a charity where she supports those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related mental health conditions, progress towards finding work, which she really enjoys. She began volunteering for No Panic Sheffield as she felt, after IAPT intervention, there was little available in the local area for people with anxiety, low mood and OCD to access. No Panic Sheffield has the same ethos as her own and she wanted to be part of that and to help members progress towards taking control of their lives again. Also, she has a family who are affected by these issues and she thought her personal experience was something she could offer. Having been at No Panic Sheffield for several years now, volunteering means a great deal to her. She has enjoyed meeting new people, seeing members grow in confidence over time and learn new coping skills. She has also had the opportunity to learn new ways in managing anxiety, which she can share with the group. Interesting fact - she enjoys travelling, walking her Cavalier King Charles and spending time with her daughter, Freya.

Mel Mel (Dec 2016-Dec 2018 facilitator; Sep 2018-present, Mentor; 2019- present, Trustee)

Mel grew up in Sheffield and has a background in psychology.  She has always had a particular interest in mental health and completed a PhD whilst volunteering, at the University of Sheffield researching when and why people do not respond to psychotherapy treatments for depression.  She enjoys helping people and wanted to get into volunteering to gain a broader perspective of peoples first hand experiences of dealing with mental health problems to compliment her academic work. She was attracted to the inclusive and supportive environment of the No Panic groups and instantly saw how much members benefitted from attending and how rewarding volunteers found facilitating. She has been volunteering as a group facilitator since December 2016 and finds it an extremely rewarding experience which has helped her develop lots of new skills. She enjoys meeting interesting people from a range of backgrounds and finds it inspiring to see how everyone supports and encourages each other. Every week is different and although she's a facilitator she always learns something new to take away from every session.  Interesting fact - Mel is an avid Sheffield Wednesday fan and has had a season ticket at Hillsborough since she was 5 years old.




Meetings have been running since February 2010 and since then we have had 94 facilitators, many administrators, trustees and volunteers.

Here are some of our past volunteers.


Gerry was Secretary at No Panic Sheffield for five years and has been a group member since No Panic Sheffield first started.  Gerry kept records of our meetings, was responsible for raising funds for No Panic Sheffield and spoke regularly at the IAPT stress control classes to raise awareness of No Panic Sheffield.


Chloé (Jul 2016- Sep 2018)

Chloé has been volunteering for No Panic Sheffield since the summer of 2016. She was group lead for Wednesday group.  She joined No Panic Sheffield as a volunteer after completing a degree in Education Studies with Psychology and Counselling at SHU. She was attracted to No Panic Sheffield as our mission to help those that need it indefinitely (with no limitations to the number of sessions, no waiting list, and no diagnosis required) resonated so strongly with her own beliefs. She finds volunteering very rewarding, as she often learns far more from members’ personal experiences than she could possibly have learned at university. Intersting fact - in her spare time Chloe likes to relax at home with her family and her flock of backyard hens.



2011-2019 Anne was Chair 2014-2019, a trustee and various other roles

Anne is an experienced charity administator having worked with Citizen's Advice Mental Health Unit in Sheffield, Sheffield Alcohol Support Service, and Alzheimer's Society - the UK's leading Dementia Support Charity.Anne has volunteered for No Panic Sheffield since 2011 having started as a volunteer administrator, and was been Chair for 5 years.   Anne chaired the regular trustee meetings and is responsible for volunteer recruitment and retention, awareness raising,  funding bid writing and grant applications, and ensuring that the organisation is financially healthy and runs smoothly.  Interesting fact - Anne sings in an acapella choir.