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We are currently looking for volunteers to facilitate our Thursday morning group.   

If you  like working with groups,  have a passion for helping people with mental health problems and are interested in CBT please contact us - full training (non-accredited) will be provided.

Want to find out more? please email us for a role description

Please ensure you have fully read and understood the role description before you complete our application form.  You can send your form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We also require all volunteers to provide the details of 2 referees.  We run information sessions for potential volunteers once to twice a year.  Please contact us if you are interested and want to find out more.  

The role is 




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Recruiting Now

Information Evening Tuesday 1st October.

Please get in touch as places are limited.

Application form here. Role description here. Person specification here

We believe that anxiety and depression are debilitating, life-changing mental health conditions. We also believe that everyone should have quick access to help without waiting weeks, or having to make an appointment. We are committed to providing access to the people of Sheffield and surrounding region. We do this by running self help groups twice a week for nearly every week of the year. We do not have any paid staff, no offices and reliant on limited grants and member donations. We know that people give a lot to charity, but if you think of donating to someone else this year even once we would be thrilled if you thought of us.

Jess's volunteer story

I am writing to tell you more about the roles I have taken on at no panic and how they have helped me in my time after graduating. When I first applied for No Panic, I became an Awareness Raiser volunteer. This was something that worked well with my other volunteering role at Nightline. From Nightline 2018/19 I feel I was able to give some insights into how No Panic Sheffield can increase their online presence. The Instagram account as well as the LinkedIn one encouraged people to come to sessions that will benefit them by knowing about what topics are coming up or what they have missed. More of an online presence will help to aim the service at students to join as volunteers or come to sessions if they are struggling with metal health problems. As a student I know how over run the student services are, so it is nice to know where else there is to turn. A 10 minute GP session can feel overwhelming and not very thorough, so having other options where people can help explain how you might be feeling is useful and I think No Panic Sheffield might be be useful in this way.

After a while in the awareness role I was given the opportunity to become a Group Facilitator. Something I looked forward to as it would boost my therapeutic skills. I am a graduate looking to work in therapy such as CBT. Through my experience of being a facilitator I can see how mental health problems are affecting people face to face. Something I sadly could not get at nightline. As a Psychology student I have learnt about how mental health conditions occur, their symptoms and their treatment. However, I have never been able to put that knowledge into practice. Through being a volunteer at No Panic Sheffield I can not only help people with my knowledge, but I can also gain more on how everyone has different signs and symptoms of conditions such as anxiety. This kind of experience is vital to me and I am very lucky to have been able to have a chance to help people.




Volunteer group facilitator is our most popular role. They facilitate the self help groups (see the page on groups for more information). At least two facilitators help steer discussion, present, talk and support members in every meeting. This role is not at all 1-1 assisting, mentoring, life coach, case worker, therapy, befriending or anything similar of that nature. You will be expected to do around 20 sessions per year, or pro-rata such as 10 sessions in six months. Unfortunately we cannot offer casual volunteering on a turn up basis. We do not have casual volunteering positions because due to the nature of the groups consistency of facilitators is better for members. Full training is given, and all our facilitators attend monthly supervision. People with good interpersonal skills, and a good understanding of working in a mental health setting are needed, or people who have suffered from and overcome anxiety problems. We welcome those studying or with a psychology background, but very much open to members and those with other experiences and/or degrees.

What facilitators enjoy:-

  • Friendly and supportive nature of the groups
  • Listening to people
  • Helping to make a small difference in peoples' lives
  • Learning more about anxiety, depression and low mood

What do facilitators go on to do after (or during) their time facilitating at No Panic Sheffield? Some examples:-

  • Support Worker
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practictioner
  • Teaching assistant
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (rare).
  • Other roles in No Panic Sheffield

Awareness Raising volunteer

These promote the charity on social media, website and in person. Some awareness raising volunteers have gone on to become facilitators after a few months doing the role after being unfortunately unsuccessful when first applying due to volumes of applicants.

Evaluation volunteer

These volunteers work on small evaluation projects within the organisation to steer the direction of the groups and help with funding bids, without which groups wouldn't exist, as most of the costs is met by funding bids.


Help guide and support mentors. This role is done by trustees and those usually who have been a facilitator for a year or more.

If you are interested in volunteering for No Panic Sheffield please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the role you are interested in, and we will send you an application form. Please be patient, because we have no paid staff we have to read applications and do interviews around other things and so the process may take a while. We are looking for people who can commit to doing 20 sessions. In 2018 we had 44 applications around September/October and then appointed 8 facilitators and 2 awareness raising volunteers in November. 

Support us in other ways.

Our main cost is renting out rooms, which costs >£40 a session. This comes to more than £4,000 per year. Around two thirds of the funding comes from donations not made by members at the sessions. We are a charity with a less than £10k budget and for much of the time it's been about £5k per year. A very high percentage of costs goes on directly providing the services. So any donation, a large percentage goes directly to benefitting the members. 

We welcome any donation, no matter how small, that you can make to help us continue our work. If you would like to make a financial donation to help us you can make a payment via PayPal or any major credit card by clicking this button

Or send a cheque payable to "No Panic Sheffield" - our postal address is available by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 A donations box will be circulated at group meetings.

Promote us

 We require enough members in the groups to stay viable. Tell people you think might benefit about us.