Thursday Self Help Group

THURSDAYS returned face to face on 29th April. Places are left to book on 20th May. For fairness to members it may not be possible to attend every week until capacity increases and coronavirus and venue restrictions change. NPS will try and get you in as often as we can such as every two weeks. The maximum venue capacity is 10 members and we are seeing how the first sessions go before reaching this capacity. 

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book now

Face to face meetings Thursday 10am-12pm.

These meetings are face to face in the city centre. You must book before going as places are very limited. The venue is closed and this is a private rental for a support group allowed under UK coronavirus laws. There are very strict room numbers. See the table below.

The venue has had an indoor simulation of what it would be like to have 9 people in a session and had two sessions so far on 29th April and 6th May. We believe it is safe, but it is not risk free. We estimate on the cautious side that only around 25% of those present in groups will have been vaccinated initially in the April and early May sessions, rising rapidly by June. The rooms are well ventilated, if you come to a session it is advised to wear extra clothing or bring a blanket. We need the cooperation of all members to make it as safe as possible so sessions never stop again.

We ask that members consider taking lateral flow tests in the week of the sessions and have encouraged volunteers to do so to make it even safer. These the the tests being taken for mass event trials such as the Snooker. Venue staff are also taking lateral flow tests. These are available from many pharmacies, some test sites or deliveries. 

Lateral flow tests are voluntary, but now available for anyone over 18, not just for schools and workplaces. Data we have seen suggests false positives are 2 to 3 in 10,000 and are very effective at picking up cases where people are infectious and have no symptoms or unsure. For that reason we are suggesting people think about using them to make the sessions as safe as they can be.


Meeting Topic Capacity Member bookable slots
Thursday 29th April Anxiety over the last year 6 members 3 members attended
Thursday 6th May Health Anxiety 6 members 4 members attended
Thursday 13th May Mindfulness 8 members FULLY BOOKED
Thursday 20th May To be confirmed... 8 members 8 available, bookings open 
Thursday 27th May To be confirmed... Expected 8 members Not yet taking bookings
Thursday 6th June To be confirmed... Expected 9-10 members Not yet taking bookings
Thursday 11th June To be confirmed... Expected 9-10 members Not yet taking bookings



All chairs will be 2 metres apart, in reality most people in the room will be a lot further than 2 metres apart. If you cannot wear a face covering please inform us in advance. It is strongly advised to wear face coverings - we believe this and ventilation reduce aerosol transmission by about 70% allowing us to run sessions. The venue will ask for evidence of exemption on entry.


Please be respectful of other members and of volunteers, they are volunteers and they do not make the 'rules' that is imposed by the venue and mostly as a result of government laws.

You may bring your own flask and takeaway tea/coffee. Please take anything you brought with you and take it home.

This was the experiences of the test of the venue by one of the volunteers:

"I have anxiety myself and really worried about Covid with thoughts along the health anxiety side of things. We had the entire floor to ourselves and it worked really well. Much to my surprise I felt safer indoors than I did wandering around nearby bits of town, even though it was indoors. This is the safest I've felt indoors the last year."


" I just wanted to say that yesterday's face to face meeting was fabulous. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and helpful, as was the input from my peers.

Yesterday's focus was perfect for me and it helped me immensely. I can not thank you enough. I look forward to all future sessions." new member.


NPS is not monitoring whether members have had vaccines. This may be less reassuring to members, but it is your information. Some of our members will not yet have been vaccinated. Currently those 38 and over before 1st July 2021 are being offered vaccines through the booking system and GPs surgeries may be ahead/behind this. Updates in May suggest that everyone in their 30s should be offered a vaccine in May, with greater uncertainty but some age groups in their 20s in June. 

The chance of getting the virus once vaccinated reduces by around 65%, around 3 weeks after the first vaccination. It's believed the vaccines may decrease transmission by around a half. 

By 12th May 75% of 40-49 year olds had received a first vaccination (Public Health England). By 11th May 67.8% of over 18s in the UK have been vaccinated with one shot. In Sheffield 85% of over 40s had received one vaccine by 13th May.

The NHS app from 17th May will allow users who've had both vaccinations to show covid status. Members are free to use the app to show to other members or volunteers they have been vaccinated if they wish. 

Some of the reason why we think it's relatively safe to have face to face sessions now are the rates of virus. Below is a graphic from Public Health England for Sheffield. The bits until last July are inaccurate as there wasn't mass testing, but we're not at levels similar to early September. By the time Wednesday sessions return which has a younger age range on average, many of those members will have been offered a vaccine or about to be.










Wednesday Self Help Group

THURSDAYS ARE BACK FACE TO FACE from 29th April. Bookings open for Thursday 20th May if you want to attend a face to face session. Wednesday face to face is aiming to return 3rd/10th June. This is likely to be bookable with a capacity of 10 members, or more members.

Online meetings every Wednesday night 6:30-8:30pm (updated 12th May 2021) 

These meetings are via Zoom-www.zoom.usor you can use the Zoom app on your phone. It is simple, you will be sent an email on the day of the session and all you need to do is open the Zoom link at 6:30pm when the session starts. 

  • no sign up required
  • video/audio/text on/off
  • white board
  • share slides
  • chatbox
  • audience participation with thumbs up, raised hand, yes, no, go slower.   

For more details of what Zoom looks like, click here to be directed to our Online on Zoom Blog.


Topics covered in April 2021:

Meeting Topic
Wednesday 7th April Anger and Frustration
Wednesday 14th April Defining and setting boundaries    
Wednesday 21st April Stress
Wednesday 28th April Mindfulness

Upcoming topics for May 2021:

Meeting Topic
Wednesday 5th May Talking with others about anxiety
Wednesday 12th May Dealing with things out of our control
Wednesday 19th May To be confirmed...
Wednesday 26th May To be confirmed...


Wednesday session

6:30pm- Start of the session and introduction

6:45pm- Main topic

7:30pm- Tea break

7:45pm- "How was your week?" which is your time to talk about how you are getting on or things coming up.

8:45pm- Session ends no later than this time. 


10th Anniversary Celebration and AGM 23rd May 2019

AGM Invitation 2019


The No Panic Sheffield AGM was held on Thursday 24th May.

We would like to thank all our volunteers and members who attended.

It was a great meeting and we discussed all our work over the past year and our plans for the coming year.

New trustees Matt, Laura, Karen and Lorien were appointed.  Anne, Rob, Brendan and Richard were reappointed.

We said thank you and goodbye to Gerry who has stepped down from the committee after many years of volunteering.


Self Help Meeting Dates

THURSDAYS ARE BACK FACE TO FACE from 29th April. 13th May is fully booked. 8 spaces will be available to book 20th May and this will open on Thursday 13th.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a face to face group now

No Panic Sheffield runs self help groups every week for individuals aged 18+, on a Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Wednesday meetings are online and Thursday morning meetings are face to face, but bookable. For more information, click on the following Wednesday Self Help Group or the Thursday Self Help Group.


Want to come to a session?

Download a referral form here and e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Although no one likes paperwork, by filling it in you are letting us know the conditions people have wanting to come to our groups. This could lead to the formation of new groups in future. This led us to wanting to set up a PTSD group.

No waiting list

Run by people with anxiety 

Attend as many or few as you want

No time limits - we've been here twelve years

What are groups like?

The purpose of the groups is to share experiences of anxiety, learn together, a social aspect, normalise anxiety/depression/low mood and to share coping strategies. The group size is 5-12 members usually.