About No Panic Sheffield

We believe that anxiety and depression are debilitating, life-changing mental health conditions.  We also believe that everyone should have quick access to help without waiting weeks, or having to make an appointment.

We provide self-help groups every Wednesday evening and Thursday morning in the city centre.  Our groups last for 2 hours and focus on CBT and peer support.  They are run by trained volunteer facilitators, and follow a set format - topic, and a discussion, with a break half way through.  The groups are attended by people of all ages (18 and above) with social anxiety, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, agoraphobia, PTSD and depression. To come to a group or find out more information please contact us.

No Panic Sheffield was originally set up in February 2009 with funding from Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust for a fixed period of 2 years.  After this time No Panic Sheffield became a voluntary organisation entirely reliant on grants and donations to fund our work. In January 2015 we were awarded registered charity status by the Charities Commission.  Reg Charity No  (No 1160004) 


All of our income is from donations, grant funding and fundraising - we have no paid staff and have not done so for years.

We are affiliated to No Panic UK a national charity which provides a confidential helpline – for details visit

  There is no charge for attendance, we ask for a small donation to help us to cover our costs.